Be Connected is a start-up owned by Telrad Networks Ltd. and by Cisco Systems Inc.
     Be Connected is a player in the arena of Next Generation Access systems for wireline communication. It offers its Integrated Multiservice Access Platform-TAS to Telecom Operators. The TAS is an optimal solution for providing broadband and narrowband services to business and residential end users. It incorporates the functionality of a MultiService DSLAM, a DLC and an SDH ADM into one universal shelf.
     Be Connected’s TAS offers operators un-matched flexibility and network simplicity. For example: TAS allows plugging in ADSL, G.SHDSL, VDSL, POTS (analog telephony) and ISDN service cards with no engineering restrictions. This lowers dramatically the operator’s risk of inaccurate plan of demand for different types of services in different serving areas.
     Be Connected has implemented within the TAS the most sophisticated technology to allow for optimized use of bandwidth. Due to this capability operators can connect each site to give more services using less bandwidth. The ingenuity of the design of the Be Connected TAS, with its flexibility and optimized use of the bandwidth may result in savings of millions of dollars on transmission costs and operational expenses (OPEX).
     Be Connected has developed financial models that show the great savings to operators, and it offers these to potential customers. Working with initial customers on these models has shown them ROI of less than one year.