Started in 2000, SinoCDN is based in Hong Kong and have established its distribution network covering North and South Asia . Our flag ship technology, Intelligent Streaming Gateway (ISG) architecture was developed and spun off from the Broadband Network Laboratory, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

【Pioneer Developer of Next-Generation Internet Technology】
     SinoCDN develops next-generation Broadband Internet technologies applicable to a wide array of infrastructure related areas, including
Content delivery and streaming proxy solution for better performance,
Reliability and quality of multimedia broadcasting and distribution,
Content and network management,
Billable, manageable and easy-to-use broadband access system
which are NOT guaranteed by existing Internet technologies.
     SinoCDN's Content Networking and Access Networking Solutions enable end users to receive bandwidth-intensive and rich content at premium quality in the fastest, easiest and most reliable way with the least hassle configuration on their computers, which is particularly important for media content provider, enterprise, and service providers, who would like to generate unprecedented business opportunities in the broadband Internet marketplace.

【Innovative Technology from our Laboratory】

     With our success in Content Networking technologies, SinoCDN has further expanded our R&D focus with the support from HKUST, to cover emerging broadband network technologies especially in areas of Wireless LAN & Dynamic Content.

【Product Area】

Content Networking Solution

     SinoCDN offers carrier-class networking and management products which enable high-quality live and on-demand media delivery and rich-media content over wired and wireless area. Our solutions are based on our innovative, patent pending Intelligent Streaming Gateway which can create highly-intellectual, scalable and manageable infrastructure supporting millions of users simultaneously with unprecendented viewing experience. SinoCDN also offers a suite of professional solutions to facilitate the deployment of end-to-end networking solutions for various applications of content delivery and distribution; content and network management; as well as load-balancing and fault-tolerance features.
SinoCDN's all-in-one networking solutions consist of three core products: Intelligent Streaming Gateway (ISG), MediaDNS, CDN Manager, which serve to solve all existing server and networking scalability problems, providing all the essential components required to build comprehensive and advanced CDNs for smart multimedia streaming delivery, distribution and management .

Broadband Access Networking Solution

     SinoCDN's broadband access solution enables service providers and property owners to build a manageable, billable and controllable edge networking environment for the broadband users and mobile commuters at the last mile access network or hotsport locations to connect online anywhere at anytime with the least configuration.