ATLAS Series
Time Division Multiplexing
Circuit Switching
Packet Switching
WAN Emulation
  The ATLAS Series of IADs offers the highest capacity and most advanced set of networking services. From a single platform, ATLAS can support multiple technologies including T1, T3, ISDN, IP routing, and Frame Relay. IT managers and network engineers of small, medium and large enterprise networks may choose ATLAS for its ISDN conversion and oversubscription features, T1 Inverse Multiplexing, ISDN PRI/BRI switching, multiple T1/PRI DACSing and grooming, Frame Relay concentration/switching, compressed voice, T3 applications, and videoconferencing.
  This multi-T1/PRI enterprise platform converges voice, data, video, and Internet traffic through dynamic bandwidth allocation, T1 Inverse Multiplexing, circuit switching, and packet routing. The ATLAS 550 is designed for the small-to-medium networks with one to 18 T1/PRI ports, while the ATLAS 830 is designed for medium-to-large networks that require up to 34 T1/PRI ports or a T3. The ATLAS 890 supports up to 64 T1/PRI ports or a T3 and can be used in networks that require full system redundancy.
  For global applications, the ATLAS Series also offers a range of interfaces including E1, ISDN PRA and BRI S/T, along with support for Net-3 and Net-5 Euro-ISDN protocols.
Atlas 550
Atlas 800
Atlas 890


Atlas Series Datasheets:
Atlas Series Catalog Atlas550-overview Atlas550-octalFXS
Atlas550-octalFXO Atlas550-dualnx64 Atlas550-VoiceCompression
Atlas550-dualT1 Atlas550-quadBRI Atlas550-OctE&M