A Brief Introduction

1. Vision
Pacific Top Technology Limited has been formed in 1998. The core businesses are high technologies invent and system integrates. For over several years our company has been offering our customers and partners the simplest solutions to stay one step ahead of the Information Age. In doing so, we have continuously pioneered new technologies to adapt to
new environments. The branch companies were successful established in Hong Kong、Beijing、Kunmin, and the main object market in China.

2. Scope of Business
As a vertical Internet Provider, we provide a complete range of Internet related hardware and software. Over the years, our business has been in 3 main areas of expertise. Complete, flexibility, functionality solutions have been bucketful using in telecommunications technology areas. Muti-function, more size products played an important role in Internet infrastructure. PTT is one of the only vendors that offer fully compatible solutions and products for both the central office/network operations centers and the customer premises. The company offers both carrier-class and enterprise-class devices to support connectivity over the last-mile local loop.

2.1 Internet Core Construct
Internet core construct is no easy task, only with the most innovative minds and state-of-the-art technology would it be possible to effectively develop Wide Area Networks, Internet Backbones, enterprise networking and multi-media application. And that is exactly what we have been doing.
As a rule, we aim to consistently surpass our clients’ expectations by listening, understanding, and offering total solutions to meet their needs in the most cost-effective way. Step by step, we guide our customers through feasibility studies, network design, equipment selection, installation, testing and operational training to ensure their specifications are met with the highest standard of service.

2.2 Internet Access Devices
While the demand for Internet access has been growing rapidly, PTT has been supplying clients with DDN, Frame Relay, BRAS, IP, xDSL, etc.
We have also developed new Internet access devices of our own to allow people to join the Internet community in even more convenient ways.

2.3 Terminal User Access Devices
Choosing the best suitable CPU for terminal user on speedily, pricelessly to connect Internet.

3. Team
We believe that the key to success is our people. That is why we recruit only the most professional, creative and dynamic minds in the industry, and provide them with a working environment that allows them to focus on their work, knowing that they have the full support of their colleagues, whenever necessary.
Through stringent training programs and job assimilation programs, we ensure that each member of our staff has a complete understanding of our business. As the best results are always achieved through teamwork, we strongly encourage inter-departmental interaction and open communication.
With a team of talented individuals with a sense of commitment, dedication and team spirit, we have steered the group to where it is today and is well prepared for future challenge. Regular training and sales conferences keep our staff updated on the latest technologies from around the world.
Yet, no matter how far we expand our market, we never lose sight of the local markets. Our long history in these markets has given us a deep understanding of their needs. Our technical team has direct contact with local customers, we can therefore further ensure that our solutions are customized to meet their expectations and our technological expertise and advancement will fulfil their future needs.