Application of Total Access 3000:
DDN Extension
  Connect to DDN node using E1/T1, provide cross-connect function.
■ Down link using HDSL, G.SHDSL, IDSL card to provide Nx64K DDN services to the end user.
■ Direct connect to E3/T3 port of PCM network
■ Act as DDN node and provide E1 port for interconnection
■ Provide service directly to end user, do not need DSL equipment
■ Provide max. 176 end user

Extension of ATM / Frame Relay
■ Allows IP and Frame Relay traffic to be transmitted over ATM
■ ATM OC3 as uplink,provide Nx64K ATM/FR service as downlink
■ Provides E1 and V.35 connectivity to support voice and data application
■ Provides up to 176 loop interface
Mini DXC service
■ DXC function, provide inter-connection service
■ Max. 88 E1/T1 port per chassis
Combine commercial and residential user into one box
■ Provide ATM/Frame Relay/TDM service
■ Network interface E1/T1/E3/T3/STM1
■ Provide Cross-Connection functionality
■ Provide commercial service HDSL, G.shdsl, IDSL, Fiber and residential broadband service ADSL simultaneity
■ Provide VoDSL service

Voice over DSL (VoDSL)
·Allow voice and data over ATM.
·Interoperable with V5.2 gateways
·Interoperable with DSLAMs
·Supports Analog technology
·Supports International ISDN
·Offer built-in IP routing capability

    Total Access system can provide voice over DSL. The main different is the CPE, it change from pure data application to IAD. The advantage of using Total Access in ATM network is there does not any change in the CO, they key point is choose the right gateway.
Datasheet of Total Access 3000
TA3000Shelf TA-GatewaySCU TA-OC3Mux
TA-DS3PacketSwitch TA-HD10Access TA-QuadDSX1E1
OctSHDSL TA3000 SHDSL T1E1 LTU TA3000-OctalADSLaccess