Specialized in infrastructure platform building and last mile access solution, Pacific Top provides a full range of professional services included Pre-sales consultation , project management, system integration and implementation, After sales maintenance that bringing customers a total solutions, give them a lasting competitive
 advantage to accelerate strategies and expand opportunities.
With deep market insight and proven track records in telecommunications and Internet industries, PTT can provide you the pre-sales consultation, market analysis and suggestion

【Integration & Implementation】
As an System Integrator , our aims is to helping customers to implement their infrastructure platform and applications in a consistent, professional and cost-effective way.

【Project Management】
By combining key front-end design and deployment services with operational planning and implementation skills, PTT project managers work closely with you on each project phase, attaining efficient service delivery by supervising network installation and integration, and coordinating project schedules and activities.

PTT can offer comprehensive training to enable customers to master and fully utilize their infrastructure platform and applications. This involves training, experience sharing and online operation, so that the knowledge and experience gained during project implementation becomes part of customers' own assets.

【Support & Maintenance
Support and maintenance services are one of the most import service provide by PTT. It ensure customers a more productive and efficient network, with higher availability and better investment returns. The highly trained post sales teams can provide a professional service to the customer.