Wireless Broadband Access Solution
LinkEasy - Enable Billable & Manageable Wireless/Wired Access Networking for Boardband Internet Service
    LinkEasy is a Policyware Networking Solution, being a turnkey networking device placed at the edge of the network providing wireless and wired connectivity for mobile user. It enables comprehensive authentication, security, and policy-based traffic shaping for broadband user.
    LinkEasy allows Service Providers to seamlessly provide wireless and wired broadband access services to any customer at last mile access network or public-access location with plug & play feature that requiring no reconfiguration of their computer/PDA or special client-side software, so as to increase revenue and maximize ROI.
Features and Benefits
Plug and connect to the Internet: Service is transparent to any originally configured profile in computer or PDA like static IP or DHCP
Selectable Logout Mechanism: Selectable logout methods are supported like logout by administrator, customers or detach from the network
Single Account, Login Anywhere: A single account login anywhere in whole roaming facility
 Services Management: Services selection from customer based on their online requirements, like Telnet, FTP, Web browsing, streaming etc.
Bandwidth Management: Customers can choose to pay for their bandwidth requirement and Quality of services (QOS) enabled network environment
Free Site Promotion/Advertisemen: Allow free access of promotion sites, this would create extra business opportunity for the facility providers.
Built-in and Flexible Billing Feature:Flexible charging scheme from every minute, hour, day or week. It also provides operators and users a real time browsing of the billing information.
Real Time Traffic Monitoring: Administrators can monitor the current traffic utilization, allow to change the strategies for billing customers by the trend of usage
Support Wireless Access Point: LinkEasy can be connect to any IEEE802.11b enabled access point to support wireless LAN access
Built-in IEEE802.11b support: Features of LinkEasy and Wireless LAN IEEE802.11b are integrated into a compact size device for providing Hotspots like cafe, airport & other hospitality property owners a complete user account management, authentication, billing and wireless access solution with value added intelligence easily upgradeable.
Target Customers
Travelers can easily get access to the Internet without re-configuring the PC or wireless device
Other than the hotel rooms, user can get online in different places like restaurant, business center with the same account.

   Broadband Service Providers
Provide value added solution on top of broadband service
Boost the sales of the broadband service
Extend coverage to Public Access Points or Hot Spots

   Intelligent Buildings & Campus Network
Provide value added services as key components of facilities
Property Management Organizations
Devices are easy to manage, providing an one-stop solution with minimal management overhead

   Restaurants, Bars & Coffee shops, Business & Conference Centers
Alternate revenue model to bill and attract more customers
   Enterprise, Schools, Government & Organizations
Restrict the users to access necessary services only
   Enterprise with Multiple Offices
Employees or visitors who travel amongst multiple offices can get access to the Internet without changing any network configurations