NetVanta VPN / Firewall Family
Up to 1000 IPSec Dedicated Tunnels
DES and 3DES Encryption
Authentication: Manual Key, IKE, PKI Support
Stateful Inspection Firewall
Adtran*s VPN Family
↑ NetVanta VPN Client
每 Single License Software Client
↑ NetVanta 2050
每 Home Office
↑ NetVanta 2100
每 Small Office
↑ NetVanta 2300
每 Medium Host Site VPN/ Firewall
↑ NetVanta 2400
每 Large/Host-Site VPN Device
Data Sheets: Application Notes:
Netvanta_Cient Remote VPN
Netvanta2050 Multi Site VPN
Netvanta 2300  
Netvanta 2400